Gespecialiseerde IT diensten
& ontwikkeling van producten van hoge kwaliteit

Web Development. Embedded Programming. Industrial Automation. More.

Luke from Munk IT has a passion for IT. He has general knowledge of many IT fields and is specialized in the more technical spectrum. After graduating from Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HBO-ICT Technical Computer Science), he started as full-time IT specialist.

Currently, Luke most of the time is working on various projects for Industrial Development Heerenveen. The main goal of these projects, is to improve their business processes and products. You can read more about projects Luke contributed to here.

Web Development

With 4 years of experience in web development, Luke from Munk IT can translate big ideas to an awesome website. With iterations of feedback, the website gets better and better until it is pixel perfect. Click on the icon to see some websites.

Embedded Systems

Bringing hardware to life with low level coding on small microchips is a passion. From smart home systems to wireless control systems, Luke from Munk IT is always busy with developing cool projects. Click on the icon to see some projects.

Industrial Software

With one year experience in the field of boat lifts and fairground attractions, the knowledge of PLC programming and connecting Operational Technology to Information Technology is increasing fast. Click on the icon to see some examples.