WordPress websites

When you are looking for a relatively simple website, a WordPress website can fit your needs. The advantages of a WordPress website are: cost effective, fast in development, low maintanance and so on. Perfect for a portfolio or small business website.

Web applications

For more complex web applications, a different approach is taken. When using actual code to develop websites, way more functionality can be added to them. Luke has developed a couple of complex web applications that integrate multiple systems and APIs.

Embedded Systems

Nowadays, IoT (Internet of Things) is topic of conversation when talking about smart devices. Embedded Systems are microchips that control electronics, like the dishwasher, microwave and so on. Adding an internet connection to those devices, makes them IoT devices.

Industrial Software

Modern systems need software to be controlled. This software has strict requirements regarding to the lifespan, safety, reliability and availability and needs to be state of the art. Some systems can benefit from connecting to an IT system. Connecting OT with IT.

Cyber Security

Cyber security is one of the most important topics in IT. It is, for many companies and products, still a difficult topic. For all companies, there needs to be a cyber security policy. Especially for companies that rely heavily on their IT systems, it is necessary to implement policies to prevent, defend and restore their systems.

For developers of software driven products, it is very important that they keep cyber security in mind as well. Especially in embedded systems and in machinery, the cyber security level is often insufficient.

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