Websites and web applications

One of the first services Luke offered, was web development. Since then, he has developed websites for various clients and with a number of purposes. Down below, there are some projects shown.

This company is an Orthodontics practice located in Almere Stad. The company was looking for a website to inform clients about the services and the methods of work.

CSM Solutions is a company focused on online company applications and IT project management. The site has the purpose to inform new clients about the services the company offers.

This website is still in development. More later…

Verwijspraktijk Uithoorn is a dentist referral practice for specialized dentical care. As an extra, the company offers seminars for dentists. The key elements of this site, are to inform clients, to register new clients and to register seminar clients.

Industrial Asset Manager

The Asset Manager is an internal application that is used to connect and monitor stationary and mobile industrial machines. The application offers a wide variaty of features from secure credential vaults to administrative features. This web application is part of a bigger project. Click here for more on that project.